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Get to know the J’s

In December they celebrated their 37th Wedding Anniversary!

They have 3 young adult children: the eldest daughter (is married and has 2 young daughters); they also have twins – a boy and a girl

How the J’s met


A group of varsity friends had gone out for dinner and we stopped at the home where 1 of the girls were staying to drop her off. She invited us in for coffee, so actually met him in his family home…..  We met again a week later where he was doing photos at a Children’s home which was so heartwarming…. he called in that week to ask me out on a date. I initially thought it would just be a “fling” of a few months; but here 4 decades later here we are still enjoying doing life together!


What Alexis doesn’t say is that I manouvered that the only open seat in the lounge was next to me. The friend who invited them in for coffee was actually doing so on my instruction as she had been badgering me about meeting Alexis. For me, it was an immediate attraction…the smile, the legs, those eyes and that laugh… wow, that laugh.

What We Offer

Showing up with H E A R T:


Our Approach – Nurturing, Holding Space with Compassion; Upbeat; Dynamic

We offer Wisdom from more than 3 decades of Lived Experience in Marriage and the Workplace!

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