Getting to know the J's

Access business wisdom & relationship logic for your significant other relationship. Lyndon and Alexis have been married for more than 37 years, and soulmates for even longer than that. They have lived through extreme hardship, adversity and challenges and yet their relationship has thrived. Family is fundamental to who they are and are still becoming.

They have 3 young adult children who are a rich source of life lessons and key to their parents remaining relevant. They are all emotionally healthy, productive and making valuable contribution to society in their various fields. Lyndon & Alexis are also proud grandparents to 2 amazing granddaughters.

As a Couple they have been leading Marriage Preparation workshops for over 20 years and have also been mentoring young married couples. They have done this in a Faith -based environment as Volunteers.

They each have more than 3 decades of workplace insight which they bring to the engagement sessions.

Alexis is a Behavioural Scientist in the Financial Services Sector. Her work experience spans more than 30 years in a variety of industries – Financial Services, Higher Education, Retail, Mining, Transport, and Manufacturing. She works extensively with executive leaders, enhancing their leadership capability and behavioural proficiency.

One of the highlights of her career has been as Programme Director and faculty member for a flagship leadership development offering at a financial services institution, which a delegate referred to as an MBA of the Heart! She had the privilege of creating a laboratory experience for young, talented leaders from the organisation to travel to various global destinations to learn about themselves and others, about leadership and enhance their diversity intelligence.

As part of her commitment to “Pay it Forward” She coaches and mentors young women.

Alexis earned an undergraduate and post graduate qualification at the University of Cape Town and then went on to pursue further studies at UNISA and UCT Graduate School of Business. She loves travelling and believes it keeps one humble as you become aware of how much there still is to discover and explore.

She defines Success as being able to do the work you love, doing things that you hold sacred and enjoying meaningful relationships. It is about having those closest to you, respect, admire and trust you; and value the contribution you make! Her parents were a working class couple who instilled a strong values orientation, a love for learning and for making a difference. She gets her voracious love for reading from her Dad.

Lyndon is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of success in the broadcast media industry. A strong business development professional, focused on empowering young people in the workplace through the principles of Values-Based and Servant-Leadership. A Strategic Turnaround Specialist, skilled in strategy development, media advertising, marketing, journalism and Conference Organising.

Born on the Cape Flats in the dark days of Apartheid, Lyndon became actively involved in the struggle against oppression as a high-school student. As President of the Student Council he was instrumental in shaping the student response to the Apartheid regime in the early 1980’s. This inspired him to become a Journalist and use it as a tool to highlight the atrocities being committed in his community.

The youngest of 4 brothers, Lyndon was raised by a single mother whose work ethic and dedication to ensuring a solid foundation for her boys, was pivotal to Lyndon’s passion for teaching young couples the importance of creating an environment in which their children could thrive.

Really EnjoysGolfA Day @ the Spa
Would ratherWatch Sport on TVRead a Book
Favorite Hot DrinkCappuccinoCappuccino
Love LanguageTime; TouchWords of Affirmation; Gifts
Favorite MovieShawshank RedemptionThe Green Mile
Best HolidaySingapore / Malaysia Trip 2011 / 2012Canada 2014
Word of the Year (WOTY)ResilienceAudacious Hope
Currently Reading“Ride of a Lifetime” Bob Iger“Lighter” by Yung Pueblo
Love about my PartnerHer Strength
Generous spirit
Ability to love in spite of
His Gentle Strength
His Moral Agency
His Resolve
QuirksHis sense of humour (often I don’t “get it”Screenshots everything on her phone
Best MomentsOur weekends away, long car trips.Weekends away (which we have become way more intentional about). Continuing to go to new places together….
Worst MomentWhen I was in hospital and couldn’t see/touch her for two weeks.When he was in hospital for surgery (during covid); and we could not see each other / I could not visit at all. Not knowing how “bad” things really were…. He was in the Covid ICU with people dying every day; so really needed him to NOT give up! We’ve both been through Retrenchments and ALL that goes with that. We had to dig deep to not just slide into a black hole…. Of despair, hopelessness, defeat!
What excites you most about our future?After 37 years we are exploring new horizonsGetting to work, create together and build / shape for the next generation
Best one word to describe our relationshipAuthenticCommitment